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I'm a designer with demonstrated experience in UX practices, branding,
vector illustration, and all matters of pixel-pushing.
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I lovestories.
We all have one.
As a branding and logo illustrator it was my honor to help people tell their story through visual mediums. As a UX designer I thrive on the development of stories that better equip and empower my users.
A Few thoughts that guide me along the way:
//Paradigms suck.
//Inefficiency is poisonous.
//Diversity is refining.
//Assumptions are meant to be challenged.
//Good Design begins with inclusion.


"[Alex] displays exceptional aptitude for finding the right issue to solve, as well as a keen eye for visual design. He has been a fantastic teammate and co-worker and is always available to lend a hand if needed, whatever the ask."

- Alex Stroud // UX Designer

"He’s personable, focused on his work, and a skilled designer... I enjoyed collaborating with him, and was impressed by his developer empathy as well. I’d happily work with him again in the future."

- Rajas Pargaonkar // Senior Developer

“…his [Alex] work … was top notch. In addition, he was always active in the UX Slack channels, sharing his knowledge and helping others. Alex excels at UX especially research synthesis and he has wonderful interpersonal skills. I therefore highly recommend him.”

- Bonnie Hart // UX Designer

3Ci at The Home Depot
Full Stack UX Designer
April 2018 — March 2019
General Assembly UXDI
UX Fellow
December 2017 — March 2018
Imago Design Elements
Founder, Graphic Designer
June 2010 — April 2018
V3 Creative
Graphic Designer
May 2013 — August 2013


My 3 Pillars of User-Centered Design

//Extensive User-centered discovery and validation
//Thoughtful, emotional, efficient design
//Intentional product team collaboration
So what is the point unless I can prove that I amup to the task?
I have had the pleasure to work on several projects where I utilized my User Experience focused strategies to improve value to both the business stakeholders and my end-users.

The projects where I was the primary designer spanned a wide variety of problems from curating security-minded login patterns to creating a new vehicle rental platform.

//Please let me know if you have any further curiosities from what you see below.



A more secure and efficient process for absorbing third-party data from vendors. Data handling used to configure any one unique combination of 5,037,285 potential products. Facilitated communication and visualization of data across three different user types.
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S.S.O. & User Action Tacking

A wrapper for S.S.O. practices finding the intersection of security and user speed of use. This product enabled simple tracking of singular user behavior while operating on a shared workstation environment.

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Dashboard Reporting Tool

Department specific metric integration into enterprise level business management tracking product. Dashboard visualization of performance and trends, allowing for quick and actionable adjustments to team behaviors.
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Reservations System

A enterprise reservation tool for users to set aside vehicles for customer rental. Built to facilitate eventual modification for customer facing portal with online access.
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